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Premium RMM at Great Cost

By Sebastian Davis on 7/30/2021 4:30:14 PM
We transitioned from Labtech automate to pulseway and it's been remarkably simple to switch. The cost savings and what I find to be superior scripting automation has made pulseway my favorite RMM to date. Love their workflow automation design, the patching is really reliable and comes with over 150 3rd party applications out of the box. The UI is beautiful and easy to navigate. Their new client portal is great too, a big time saver, that allows our customers' end-users to self remediate.
Lacking a little on Linux, and some of the add-ons could be included in the base cost.
What i love most is the fact that the Pulseway team are all ears - always keen to hear what their clients want and need - Also the fact that they are continuously updating/upgrading and adding new features.

Pulseway just works!

By Ron Miller on 11/4/2020 11:13:22 AM
Ease of setup of entire platform; Up and working in under 30 minutes. Cloud app for cell phone; allows me to connect with a PC (and all other functions) through the phone or tablet. Remote Control function built-in (not an add-on) and works great. Good communication with the company. Support is fast, accurate, and courteous. Provides all computer and software inventory. Patch Management is smooth and easy to setup and implement. Billing is a breeze with their auto-renew system and can go to a credit card for quick and easy payment Reasonable cost vs competitors. Basic reports provide usable information. Discount on Bitdefender through them. No contracts.
Bitdefender not yet fully integrated, so a separate bill for that. Onboarding through Pulseway discovery can cause corruption when trying to remove the agent; easy fix though; individually adding systems goes well and does not cause the corruption issue (found this after the trial when trying to convert them over).
Not good or bad, but 3rd party software patching is an add-on fee. Cheap at $0.50 per PC, but still an add-on. It works great though! The patching works immediately, unlike Comodo that would wait for days, if ever. I also like the ease of the ability to send shell commands in the background to install things or run background software. The built-in remote control (not an add-on) is much better and more orderly, and it actually works every time. Overall, we are much more pleased with Pulseway than the ITarian/Comodo we used before.